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Friday, 10 September 2010

Oh, the sweet last days of summer

Flicking through this september issue of Teen Vogue I spotted a truly stunning photograph: a beautiful young girl without a care in the world, laughing next to a sparkling ocean as she walked her dog. In my opinion, the picture captured the carefree spirit of summer, and radiated youthful exuberance. I then cast my eyes on the clothes and instantly fell head over heels in love:

The flowing dress has just the right amount of volume to allow it to billow in the sea breeze, making for an ideal summer silhouette, while the jumper gives what should be a perfectly groomed outfit a bit of irony, representing the young don't -take-yourself-too-seriously attitude of 2010.  I adore the soft muted palette, and am currently wishing myself back to those heady summer evenings....

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  1. Ifyou go to teenvogue.com you can see the way this photoshoot was made....love this dress