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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Gilly Hicks : The final member of the A&F Family comes to London!

Gilly Hicks, a Sydney underwear store and one of Abercrombie and Fitch's little sisters, has arrived at London's Westfield shopping centre. Opening soon, this is a shop which combines A&F's trademark preppiness with a sexy twist. As well as the ususal lace and padding seen in most underwear shops, there is also lots of cute stripes, dots and sumptuous floral prints. Think sexy but classy; demure but oh so risqué...

There is also a capsule collection of clothes: cosy hoodies perfect for slumming around and lazy days; slogan tees to cling in all the right places; beach babe camisoles; 'cheeky butt' sweatpants to make your curves stand out; and pretty patterned ra-ra skirts that just scream summer holiday! The flagship store is set to be a hit- if it's as much of a cult as Hollister and A&F itself, expect hoardes of girls with very good underwear!

My Picks from Gilly Hicks:

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