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Thursday, 9 September 2010

London Calling

So yesterday I went on my much anticipated shopping trip to one of the most famous high streets in the world: London's Oxford Street. Of course, I started with Topshop, which took me 2 hours in total to ransack...I left empty handed. Frustrated, I moved on to Urban Outfitters, which is my idea of heaven: it's just one enormous dressing up box! With 3 floors, a home collection and a mini library, when shopping in Urban Outfitters one isn't shopping for their wardrobe, they're shopping a lifestyle. Here I picked up a gorgeous new purse, complete with vintage-inspired 50's floral print, and a very cute mug which is a birthday present for my best friend.

I trekked the rest of Oxford street, Regent street and Carnaby street, going into H&M 3 times, River Island twice, Urban Outfitters twice and Topshop twice. I only bought one more thing. As you can imagine I was fuming- I had come to London expecting to have a very poorly bank balance and as much debt as Britain's economy. Instead, I ended up with three items, as nothing I picked up either fitted, had my size, or was a reasonable price. I did see my ideal bag in London but it was from Miu Miu and cost about £700! The third item I bought was a Topshop Shearling Aviator jacket. I admit I splashed out a bit on this item, but it was the only leather-look jacket I found along the high street which didnt look like it had come straight out of Eastenders. I love this jacket! In a few days time I will get some pictures of some outfits with it, and upload them to the blog.

My Purse from Urban
My Best Friends present- I reckon Starbucks should start some
floral print coffee cups!

My Topshop Aviator Shearling Leather Jacket, and my investment
piece of the Autumn

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