"Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening..."- Coco Chanel

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Oscar De La Renta Autumn 2010

This sublime dress is one of Oscar's latest efforts. Fitting in with the 50's knee-length trend which stormed this season's catwalks, you can expect to see this dress on at least 1 A-lister in the upcoming months. The laced neckline gives a hint of sexiness, balancing out the dresses more demure length. It's romantic; the kind of dress you could loll around in on a late Autumn evening, watching falling leaves and petals fly to the ground...

Going travelling just got stylish!

The exclusive Liberty print suitcase, £60

Florals have been everywhere this summer. Literally. What started off as a small trend for the bohemians and hippies became a cult fad, until every woman in Britain posessed some item of clothing emblazoned with sweet flowers. Liberty, the home to beautiful prints, bought into the trend by creating this beautiful suitcase. (It is also available in two other colours.) Even better, a few weeks ago the suitcases were all sold out, but now they are back in stock due to popular demand.
Hmmm, my birthday has been, is it too early to begin a Christmas list?

Monday, 30 August 2010

I Just Want To Rock.

This is an old picture- well, relatively old, it was shot for 'Teen Vogue' back in 2008- and yet I am still in love with the romanticity of the look, and inspired with the way it exudes undone cool. The leather jacket and expression of feigned indifference contrasts perfectly with the barbie girl bright pink bag, to the point where the outfit gives off the perfect aroma of effortless, youthful style.

Whitney Port vs. Olivia Palermo

Whitney Port

Olivia Palermo and Whitney Port are, without question, two of the most influential fashion figures today. With their sleek city dressing and ability to mix vintage with modern and high street with high-end, these two have earnt their labels as Trendsetters. But who wins in the battle of 'The City' stars?

Casual: Whitney is often seen in her New York uniform of a grey t-shirt, button down, or strappy top paired with a printed skirt or pair of shorts and chic heels. (See middle picture.) She epitomises laid back dressing for the catwalk that is the high street. But where is the mixing it up? 
Evening: With access to the hottest designers in the world, Whitney always gets it right when it comes to occasion dressing. While other starlets opt for perhaps slightly conservative longish dresses in a muted palette, Whitney mixes things up in a sophisticated cut-out dress. 
Olivia Palermo

Casual: Olivia Palermo is never seen in the same outfit twice, making for melodramatic and zestful outfits. If she wears a blazer, it has ruffled sleeves and is paired with an unexpected addition to her attire. (See third picture- she could wear that maxi dress and blazer casually as well as dressing it up) If she wears a belt, it's tied in her own preppy twist, reminiscent of a sailors knot. There's certainly no uniform for Olivia.
Evening: When it comes to occasion dressing, Olivia is certainly spoilt for choice: all of the designers want to dress her! She's known for her floaty, whimsical dresses straight from fairy tales- there's no sign of a herve leger bandage dress or a fiercer look, therefore in my opinion her versatility in evening dressing is limited.

All in all, Olivia wins hands down on the casual front, however Whitney jumps the final fashion hurdle when it comes to formal attire.
Olivia's new way to fasten a belt, at Berlin Fashion Week 2010

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Loving these quotes.....

"You don't learn style watching people on a runway. Fashion happens every morning when you wake up."
Unfortunately I don't actually remember who this quote is by, but it's taped to my bedroom mirror.
Another one:
"Life is too short to blend in." - Paris Hilton
A very straight-to-the-point but nevertheless inspirational musing from the worlds' most documented airhead. Not so, it seems; Paris seems to be a clever and influential individual.

The Cost of Fashion

For most teenage girls $100, or £59.50, is a capacious amount, especially when you’re on a monthly budget of £20. But apparently not. According to ‘Teen Vogue’, the teenagers’ style bible, it seems that any credible fashionista should have no qualms at splurging out on £50 leggings, courtesy of the bank of mummy and daddy. (I certainly can’t afford it!) I for one have been a victim of the seductive glossy spreads before now, and convinced myself it was necessary to fork out over £200 in the summer for my outfits. I’m now rationing my toothpaste in an attempt to save some pennies, as the bank of mummy and daddy has decided that due to the recession, it has had to fold. And unfortunately, I don’t get any government bail-outs.

The Most Gorgeous Dress Ever????

 do love flicking back through old magazines, and stumbling across exquisite clothes I had previously overlooked. It's the type of fantastical fairy tale dress that conjures up images of forest nymphs running through the woods. I want this outfit!

Being Original: Fashion's Brand New Trend

Everyone in this world is unique. And everyone in this world knows it. The irony is that each person belongs to some kind of social cult, whether they realise or not, and are destined to forever be on the same wavelength as someone else. It seems that right now, everyone is desperate to jump on the 'original’ band wagon. It’s rather an elusive quest, considering the billions of people who inhabit the Earth. Take the Fashion Princess for example: half shaved hair, exquisitely dressed in a couple of ‘vintage’ pieces thrown together with a pair of biker boots and a kooky geek-chic bag. We’ve all seen them, stomping down various high streets as if on a cat walk. Totally Original. So polished, their look can only come from the millions of magazine pages screaming the latest trends, and all the subsequent pictures of celebrities in their ‘envisioned’ outfits. It’s all the same. Fashion has lost its diversity. We have become roaming sheep desperately in need of some form of leadership, happily handing our lives over to the dictatorship which is now fashion. We’re a real-life oxymoron: a generation of seemingly original unoriginal’s. Perhaps if we stopped getting so hung up on being unique, true individuals would be born.