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Monday, 13 September 2010

The Art of Elegance

Victoria Beckham, the previous Queen of Wags, proved her style credentials yesterday when she showcased her amazing Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Instead of just focusing on dresses, the collection extended to boxy birkin-inspired bags self titled after Victoria herself; it was these pale shaded bags which really got the It crowd buzzing. The collection was a celebration of the 'fuller woman'- perhaps an odd choice as there is no woman more renowned for looking worryingly sparrow-like and whose brekfasts probably consist of diet pills and lettuce leaves- using interesting corsets and volume to emphasize and enhance curves. Overall, the collection was extrememly well recieved and her dresses will certainly be heading towards a 'Look' red carpet article near you!

The best of the collection:


  1. i can imagine her wearing all of these outfits...especially the black evening gown

  2. thanks for posting this...I'm pleasantly surprised by how much i like all of these dresses. the last one is my fav :) the fabric is lovely.

    cool blog, I'm following you!

    dottie x